What I Know

When we have “I don’t know why” situations in life, we have to make the hard choice to settle our mind with what we do know. Otherwise, the “I don’t know why’s” will sweep us away into treacherous currents of doubt and disillusionment.

So, I grab hold of what I do know.

I do know God is a God of protection. God’s love for me is so consuming, He can only have my best interest in mind.

I do know God is a God of provision. God’s plans for me are good even if they don’t align with mine. He will provide but probably not in the way I expect.

I do know God is a God of process. God’s process to develop my character to match my calling might include me having to learn to let go of something I treasure.

So that’s where I have to park my mind, my emotions, and my trust.

It’s not the neatest or easiest parking spot on the lot. It doesn’t make the loss sting less.

But it’s a place I can wad up my run away emotions and hand them over to my perfectly capable and all-knowing God.


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