To Those Who Still Have Their Fathers

You are never going to have another father. NEVER. I don’t care what you may think or what you have been told. You can have all the uncles, step-fathers, and father figures in the world but you only get one father and he can’t be replaced. Just like with your mother, your father is one of a kind. However, the father is often the most overlooked and underrated parent. Moms are always celebrated and sometimes put a pedestal, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it is deserved.

If the family unit is still in tact the father is often the parent that is the main provider, the one who fixes the broken things, the one who struggles to make sure that everyone is happy. Although not known as the nurturer, a father is thought of as the pillar of the famiy, the sturdy support for everyone to lean on.

When things go south in a relationship between the parents, the father usually gets the blame, even if it is the mother’s fault (trust me I know, I have seen it first hand), he’s usually the one cast out, left out and discarded. I am not saying it is always true but most of the time it is. Once this happens, either mom decided to do everything herself and not include the father or someone is put in his place altogether. You really don’t see mom getting replaced or kicked to the curb like that.

No matter what happens or has happened, he’s still your father and you are not going to get another one. So here is my advice:

  • Don’t take your father for granted. Don’t assume that he is going to be there for you to call tomorrow. You could end up regretting it.
  • Make memories with him. No time? That’s a load of crap. You have time to go get your nails done, go play ball with the guys, play video games or take that extra long scenic drive, right? You always have time for the ones you love. It’s there, you just have to utilize it.
  • ALWAYS TELL HIM THAT YOU LOVE HIM. You could have had a screaming match just a few minutes before, it doesn’t matter. You may THINK you hate him in that moment. You don’t. In a few hours you will realize how ridiculous it all was. Before you walk out of the house or hang up the phone, say it.

Fathers often give their children valuable life lesson and support in ways that mothers can’t. A father is a son’s hero and his daughter’s first love.



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