A Letter To All The Fathers

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. A father acts on behalf of his children by working, providing, intervening, struggling, and suffering for them. In so doing, he really stands in their place. He is not an isolated individual, but takes on the essence of several people within himself.

There many times when he puts others first, when he is the only one who can fix a thing or a situation, or comes to the rescue of someone else.  Often fathers go unnoticed, but we do see you and all that you do. Even though there may be distance or mitigating circumstances that may keep you from being with your kids all the time, we see you, still there in our corners, having our backs when it seems no one else will. We see you as men of principle and values.

As your children grow older they will realize the true depth and breadth of your presence. You may not have been as vocal as Mom, and you may never have been the parent who escorted them around from activity to activity, or even the first parent that was called in times of despair—all of that may have always been her job. However, they will realize that your spirit, your influence, your character, and your quiet, yet strong presence are invaluable.

You remain calm, together, firm and gentle in a world full of chaos. For myself personally, I know that I naturally lean more towards my mother’s worrisome nature, but I also have the privilege of my father’s cool mystique woven into my being.

My father, like many of you, taught me to be fair, humble, kind, independent; to be a rebel, and to be open. In him I see the gift of inherit, impeccable intelligence and the richness born from a devotion to order. I strive to replicate his seemingly effortless dedication to self-love and personal care. My father has been far from perfect (no one is perfect), but I’ve watched him grow and become a better version of himself, which not only makes me proud, but has given me deep knowing about the gifts life brings with time and maturity.

You are the stick from which your children will measure the greatness of a man, and the example for which we choose our friends and mates. We are so grateful for your love and devotion —you are our greatest teachers of giving and receiving.

father's day


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