Without Rival

You are the only “you” there will ever be. There’s never going to be another version of you. There may be someone who comes along and they may look like you or have some of your mannerisms or leanings, but they won’t be you. You were uniquely designed by God to fill a specific purpose. No other human being on the planet is going to walk your steps on the earth or be able to fulfill the purpose that was designed for you. You are charged with a task and if you don’t accomplish it, that’s it. It doesn’t go to anyone else. We are all a part of the body of Christ. Just like the arms and legs have specific jobs that are separate from those of the heart and lungs; so does each member of the body of Christ. You are without rival in the eyes of God. There is no one comparable to you in His sight. He broke the mold when He created you, there will be no copies. 

You are so special to Him. He sees what you see and feels what you feel. He took the time to design every aspect of you. Your eyes, your smile, your height. Your heart, your mind, and your personality. He knew how you would turn out long before you did. He made you! He’s already seen your entire life. He knew the mistakes you would make, how many times you’d fall, and decided to love you anyway. You are not your mistakes. You are what He created you to be if you’ll receive it.

So stop comparing yourself with others. Stop comparing where you are on your journey to where they are on theirs. Your heavenly father doesn’t compare you to anyone else, so why do you insist on torturing yourself like that? So what if you don’t do things the way others do. You are not meant to. The kingdom of God isn’t about competition, it’s about changing the world. You we’re not created to be in competition with anyone other than the person that you were yesterday. Ask God to give you Vision to see past the lies and the distractions that are blocking you, making you feel like you aren’t good enough. You are without rival, created by a God without rival! Stand firm!


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