The Power of the Tongue

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

Words are important, but many people fail to realize this.  What you say can have lasting effects on the people around you and yourself.  Words can have as much effect (if not more than) actual actions.  They are hard to forget and often it is hard to forget how they made you feel whether it is good or bad. Be careful of the words that come out of your mouth.  You are the first to hear them and if the words aren’t going to edify the situation or someone, then it is probably best to just keep them to yourself.

In a society such as ours, tongues include hands that write type, paint or sign.

People can die because of words that are spoken.  Tongues can become weapons of mass destruction, launching holocausts and wars.  Tongues can also cause the death of relationships, marriages, families, churches, careers, hope, understanding, reputations, and governments.

On the other hand, people can also be given life because of words spoken. Tongues can be used to reconcile and to create peace. Tongues can be used to encourage, uplift, edify, and comfort. Tongues can make marriages sweet, churches healthy and families stronger. Tongues can give hope and spread the gospel. The question becomes, what will come out of your mouth today?  Death or Life?

Usually whatever is in our hearts is what is going to come out of our mouths.  A critical heart produces a critical tongue.  A lying heart, a lying tongue. An ungrateful heart produces a grumbling tongue. A loving heart produces a gracious, loving tongue.  A faithful heart produces a truthful tongue.  A peaceful heart, a reconciling tongue.

Be careful what you allow to come out of your mouth.  Those blessings that you are waiting on?  Maybe they haven’t manifested because you can’t keep your mouth shut about what you don’t have. Maybe it’s because God wants you to be quiet so He can work in secret and reveal it at the appointed time. There is a season for everything under the sun, even silence. When you do speak always speak life over your situation. Resurrection power doesn’t just apply to raising Jesus from the dead.

Fill your heart with grace by keeping yourself buried in the Word. Let the Lord be a guard over your mouth (Psalm 141:3).    Be slow to speak and if you do speak, encourage more than your critique. Speak kind words and be tenderhearted.  Say something nice to someone when they least expect it.  Use your words to build up.

Be a person whose mouth is full of life.


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