The Truth Doesn’t Need Defending

The truth is like a lion.  You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself. – St. Augustine

As human beings, when someone tells an untruth about us we go into defense mode.  It is natural to want to defend yourself, but you have to remember that Jesus said that offenses will come (Luke 17:1).  It is not our job to try to defend ourselves or refute it, because we often react in the flesh and not in the spirit.  God will come to our defense if we will just be still and let Him do it.

There is always going to be someone that tells a lie about you, or talks about you behind your back.  If they thought that they could take you head on, they would have done so by now. However, the only tactic they are left with is to plot and scheme in order to bring you down or attack your character.  Most of the time people will do this in groups.  It is usually a small group of people perpetuating the untruths.  Why? Because they are too weak to stand alone and do it, they must have the back up in order to feel important.  What they don’t realize, is the lie they told to bring you down, is the same lie that is going to bring you up and elevate you beyond what they could ever imagine.

This is the case in the story of Joseph. He was the favorite son of Jacob (Israel).  He looked very much like his mother Rachel.  He was very intelligent and had shown that he was gifted from a young age.  His brothers loathed that their father adored him so much.  To make matters worse, Joseph was a visionary and had very vivid, extraordinary dreams.  He had a couple of dreams where it appeared that his brothers were bowing down to him, showing reverence. Of course they didn’t really appreciate that.  Jacob had warned Joseph not to tell his brothers about any more dreams like that because he didn’t want them fighting, but the resentment was already sown. They despised him so much that they schemed to throw him in a pit and kill him.  After second thought, they decided to sell him into slavery because at least then they would make a profit. The brothers feeling guilty about what they had done, couldn’t bear to tell their father so they lied and made up a story about him being killed by a wild animal.

He was lied on repeatedly while he was in slavery.  A woman whose advanced he refused, lied and said that he assaulted her so he was thrown in jail.

What they failed to realize was that while you could kill or get rid of the visionary, you can’t kill the vision.

Joseph’s gift ended up saving him and the people in the lands surrounding Egypt. The gift got him promoted and put him in a place of leadership. Everything that Joseph had seen in the dreams God had given him came to pass.


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