But if Not…: David’s Story

Now let’s look at David. 

He was the youngest of Jesse of Bethlehem.  His brothers despised him and thought him to be careless.  They didn’t think much of him since he was just the keeper of the sheep. He didn’t really hold high esteem in the family.  His older brothers fought for the king and had other tasks in the household.  He was the runt of the group in a way.  He wasn’t tall and muscular like his brothers.  He wasn’t a man of stature.  However, God was looking at the heart.  The outside appearance didn’t mean anything to Him. When Samuel came to anoint him the next king of Israel, imagine the excitement he must have felt. He knew that God has chosen him for great things, even if he wasn’t sure exactly how it would all come about. David, as it has been said, was a man after God’s own heart.  That doesn’t mean that he didn’t have his failings.  It means that he took the commands of God seriously and tried his best to be sure that what he was doing was for the glory of God and not himself.  Yes, he would make mistakes during his rule, like committing adultery with his best friend’s wife and then having him killed to cover it up.

David was sent to be an attendant in Saul’s court and often played the harp for him to calm him. After he slayed Goliath, Saul made him one of the more trusted soldiers of his army.  David had entered the inner circle.  Things were looking great.  However, Saul then became paranoid that David was trying to steal the kingdom from him because the people of Israel were cheering so much more for David. They attributed more victories to David and they loved him for his valor in battle.  Saul had already been told by Samuel that he was on his way to losing the kingdom due to his disobedience to God, so he knew it was coming but now he was convinced of whom the next king would be.

Now imagine if you are David:  You have been anointed by a great prophet to be the next king if Israel. You now must leave the only home you’ve known and serve the king. You have been working for the current king and doing a great job.  So good in fact, that he gives you his daughter to marry.  Now suddenly, the king’s feelings have changed and he is now out to kill you.  You must leave your home away from home. You must live life on the run for years.  You must leave your wife behind, your best friend (who happens to be the mad king’s son), all your belongings and trappings. You must beg for food from the priests, hide in caves with your family that skirt the land of your enemies, and all the while gather support to plead your case when it is time.

David had constant reminders that God was with him.  In Nob, the only bread available was the consecrated bread of the Presence of God.  Eating the bread represents an everlasting covenant with God because He is the bread of Life.  The only weapon he could find was the sword of Goliath, another reminder that God had been with him before to help him overcome an enemy that was greater than Saul.

David knew God’s power and had already seen it performed quite a few times in his life up to this point.  He knew God could deliver him out of the hand of Saul if He wanted.

But if not…



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