But If Not…:The Story of Job

Finally, there is Job. 

He was a man of stature in his community.  He had land, a wife, children and plenty of cattle. He had great moral character and was a strong believer in God. No matter what trials he faced, Job trusted in God.  Satan wanted to put Job to the test, but he was protected by God.  God agreed to allow Job to be tested and removed His hedge from Job. Satan took everything from Job: His wife, his children, his wealth, his land, and even his health.  He hoped that if Job was stripped bare that he would curse God and that he would be able to prove his point.  Satan believed that Job only loved God because God was good to him, but as soon as he had to face something serious, that Job would turn on God.   However, Job didn’t curse God, he cursed the day he was born. He lamented his situation but never blamed God.  When he asked for an explanation God replied that He would question Job and wait for his reply. When Job replied the he was unworthy to talk to God, God ended the trial and restored unto him more than what he lost. Job proved that not all Christians would curse God when they were stripped of their comforts. He showed that he was not of weak character.  He didn’t understand why he was going through the things that he was going through, but he knew it had to be the will of God. He believed that no matter what was going on God was in control and God knew full well what He was doing.  If things were under God’s control, then they were never out of control. Did Job enjoy the test? Absolutely not.  He knew that he had done his best to be moral and upstanding.  He also knew that God was all power and could choose to end the trial at any point.

But if not…

But if not… The Hebrew boys were content to be united with God in heaven.  They stood strong in their conviction that no other god was greater than the one that they served. They knew that they would certainly die a more painful death spiritually if they bowed down before anyone else. Physical death was no threat to them.

But if not… David knew that God had a purpose for his life, even if it meant he had to live his life on the run.  He would not come against the man that was anointed to be king before him. He knew that God would direct his paths and that his life was truly in the hands of God, not Saul.

But if not…  Job knew that all the things that he had in his life would not be there without the grace of God.  God can choose to give and to take it away at any time if He likes.  He knew that God was in control even when it seemed like there was nothing but chaos going on in his life.  Job knew that he could be replenished if God sought to do so.  He learned to see beyond the physical.

They knew that God could deliver, provide, heal or do whatever was needed.

But if not… they would STILL be just fine and trust the plan of the One that had brought them thus far.



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