Deep Doesn’t Call Unto Shallow

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me” Psalm 42:7

Deep calls to deep.  One piece of Creation is in fellowship with another.  We are in fellowship with God Himself.  When the deepest reaches of our being call out to Him, He reaches deep down to rescue us.  God reaches deep within Himself to overtake us with His love and to bless us.  In our darkest moments, it seems the deepest parts of us call out to Him and He reciprocates. However, there are times when we don’t want to reach deep to receive the promises He has for us.

 At various times of trouble in our lives we cry out to Him and sometimes we sit and wait, hoping that He answers. Have you ever heard someone say that they are “waiting on God”?  Waiting on God? For what?!? He’s already done everything He’s ever going to do about your problem.  He died so that there would be a solution.  He knew at the foundation of the world, before you were ever created to have a problem, what would need to be done.  He is from everlasting to everlasting.  He has already prepared the promise for you.  He is waiting on you to receive it!  He is waiting on you to do something to activate your faith.  You can hope all you like but if you aren’t going to take some sort of action to put your faith in motion, there isn’t much else God can do.   

When you look at the story of Peter first meeting Jesus, he had been out all day fishing but nothing had been caught.  None of the other fishermen had caught anything either. The issue was they were in shallow water. In that day that was the norm because going deep was dangerous.  There were no motors on the boats and it took a lot of work to get a boat into deep water.  I am sure that there was a lot of work to get the boat back to the shallows as well.  Yet to get the food that was needed, Peter had to go deep. Yes, it was dangerous and in Peter’s mind a waste of time, but the reward was great. He had to do something outside of the norm.  He had to do something that had not been done to reap something no one else had.

Here’s the thing:  If you want God to dig deep for you, you are going to have to dig deep for Him.  Yes, it can be dangerous, difficult and you may have to face things that you don’t want to.  However, if you stay in the shallows you can’t grow.  A comfort zone is nice, but nothing grows there.  Have you ever tried planting in shallow dirt?  Did you have much success?  Of course not!  You can have the best soil in the world but if you don’t plant the seed deep enough, there isn’t enough pressure or stability for the seed to stay in place and grow.  If you are planted shallow, you will just wash away with the flood. If you are planted deep, when a storm comes you will get wet but you won’t be moved.

You can’t be shallow and reap deep rewards.  Look at the people around you?  Have you ever seen a shallow person that had depth?  No!  You are not going to find it.  Shallowness and depth can’t coexist in the same body.  Shallow people are often concerned with the things that they can see, the tangible things.  Whereas someone with depth can see beyond that and focus on the intangible. You can see an attractive person but find out they may not have the best personality or morals.  They are nice to look at but other than that hold no value. The magnets on your fridge probably rate about the same. On the other hand, a person that has a great personality, good character, and has ideas about the world around them are not only nice to look at but nice to experience life with.

Many of us, myself included, often they say that they are waiting to hear from God.  Maybe He’s been talking to you, the deepest part of you, but you are too focused on the shallows to hear. David spoke of being swept over.You can’t be overtaken sitting in shallow water. Get deeper.


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