Let Go

Don’t keep God in a box and miss your miracle. He is an out-of-the box God. You can’t contain Him and you definitely can’t duplicate what He can do. You can’t pick Him up and put Him back on the shelf when it’s convenient for you. You have Him all the time or you don’t have Him at all.

Times get overwhelming when you begin to try to control the uncontrollable. There is only so much you can do and you can’t out do God. Do what you can then let Him do the rest. God knows what He put in you and He knows what you can handle.  However, when you try take on the things that are in His realm, the things that only He can work out, then you are going to make yourself miserable.  Not just because you are taking on what you are not supposed to, but also because you are walking outside of His call on your life.

Yes, we get impatient and we want God to work on our timetable.  But He doesn’t work like that.  He is not on our beck and call.  He has everything already worked out for you.  Not SOME things, but ALL things (good and bad) work together for those who love God. God may never be early, but He is definitely never late. Disappoints are going to come.  It’s a part of life, even Jesus had disappointments.  Jesus wasn’t free from trouble. People have a skewed view of being a Christian.  They think that if you become more like Jesus, you won’t have trouble.  We have to walk the same journey He did and He wasn’t free from people talking about him, lying on Him, or people even plotting to kill Him. Troubles and disappointments are not meant to defeat you, but to strengthen you so that you can stand firm in your purpose.

Let go and let God work out the things that you can’t.  He isn’t surprised by anything you are going through.  It’s all a part of His master plan.



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