He Saw the Best In Me

Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what will manifest on the outside.

I don’t think of myself as overly attractive.  I don’t see myself as confident.  I am quiet and shy at first.  I think I am smart and have a lot going on in that arena.  That’s pretty much it as far as it goes for what I think about myself. I can be a little impatient, especially when I am frustrated about something.  Some situations frustrate me easier than others.

I am grateful that God can see things in me that I often don’t. 

I am grateful that even when I am frustrated and when I don’t always make the right choices, God still chooses to see the best in me. When everyone else could only see my mistakes or the worst in me, He sees the best in me.  Sure, He knows what I have done and He knows what I am capable of, yet He still chooses to have hope in me and what I could be.

He created me, He is mine and I am His. He put everything in me that I would need to succeed. He created me in His image.  He loves me for who I am because I am His reflection.  Granted I am not His perfect reflection but He knows my flaws.

He sees the gifts that I have.

The beauty inside and out.

He knows what I can and cannot bear.

He knows every move (right or wrong) that I am going to make even before I make it.  When I make a wrong move, He never fails to provide a way back to Him.

I mess up and make mistakes, but that doesn’t make Him think any less of me.  We have this opinion that we will never measure up to the standard that God has for us. He knows we will never be perfect and He doesn’t stay angry at us because we sin.  It is when we don’t repent there becomes a problem.

God doesn’t hold our past sins against us.  Jesus’ death cleansed us.  So, we don’t have to be holy because Jesus was holy when he went to the cross for us.  Our job is just to accept the gift of grace bestowed upon us. 

God sees us as full of hope because Jesus is the one with us through everything.  Hope isn’t based on what we can muster up but it is based on the One we hope in.

I am glad that no matter what I may inadvertently manifest on the outside, God sees what is truly on the inside and can help me to bring that out.


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