More Than Enough

Sometimes when we are going through things we want to pray to Jesus about it or try to, but too often we think, “This problem isn’t big enough for Jesus”, or “He’s got more pressing things to handle”. We so often miss our opportunity to have our desires granted because we don’t think our issue is worth the time.  Jesus is so intimately knowledgeable about you that He knows the number of hairs on your head. Why would He not care what your problems or desires are, whether big or small? Just because He is working on other issues, doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have time or the power to work on yours.

Look at the woman with the issue of blood. She had been bleeding for twelve years and nothing that she had done worked to alleviate it or the pain that she must have been in. Jesus came by where she was, but He was on another assignment. He was on his way to the house of Jairus, the leader of a local synagogue. Jairus’s daughter lay dying and there was no one else that he could think of to help his daughter. He was desperate for help, but what parent wouldn’t? Any parent with a sick child, or a child that is in danger, can’t focus on anything other than their child. Jesus is attracted to weakness. His work is perfected in weakness.

However, right in the middle of this story, a woman with the issue of blood shows up. There was a huge crowd when Jesus passed her way. She could see He was surrounded but she also knew if anyone could heal her, He could. She had tried everything from doctors to other remedies and nothing helped. Yet she heard about Jesus and she had faith that if she could be healed, He could do it. Realizing that she couldn’t get to Him, she became fully convinced that if she could just touch the hem of his cloak that she could be made whole. So, she did what anyone desperate for healing would do, she pressed forward as hard as she could so that she could touch the hem. When she did, Jesus turned and asked who touched Him. Think about that, He is surrounded and is almost being crushed by the crowd around Him. How could he possibly discern the difference between the crowd swirling around Him and the touch of this one woman? Her touch required something. Her faith drew upon His virtue. He could feel the power leave His body.

Here’s the thing, He had enough power to heal this woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years (a miracle He wasn’t anticipating performing), but He also still had enough power to continue to Jairus’s house and raise his daughter from the dead. His power supply is limitless. He’s not the Wizard of Oz with a limited number of wishes to grant. His power and mercy are infinite. He can take you much farther than Kansas.

The question is would you dare to believe that He is completely able to do it? If He doesn’t grant you what you ask, it is isn’t because He can’t do it. It is usually because He wants to release an all-surpassing power and reveal an even greater glory through another answer. Will we laugh at the thought like the foolish mourners outside Jairus’s house? Or will we be invited into the house to behold a miracle?


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