Where Is Your Identity?

In a world of broken promises, delight yourself in the One that has never broken a promise. There are times when things don’t go as planned or we don’t get the desired result that we question whether what God has promised is really going to come to pass. Is He going to keep His word?
1. God cannot lie.

2. If you think He did, refer to rule number 1.
In order to receive you have to believe. So then the question becomes do you think God is not able and willing to hold up to His end of the promise or is it that you doubt God will do it for you personally? We’ll say, “He can do it for Tom or Sally but not for me.” Why not? How are they any better than you are? If you don’t think that God would do it for you then there must be an identity problem, not who He is, but who you are in Him.

In The Book of Mark there is a story about a leper who came to see Jesus to be healed. Speaking to Jesus he said IF you will, you can make me clean. Jesus being moved with compassion put forth his hand and touched him and said “I will; be clean.”

The leper knew that Jesus could heal him but the question was WOULD he heal him. He had his doubts just like we do right now. He was testing the waters, wanting to be healed. However wanting to be healed is not enough. The leper had an identity problem. He knew who Jesus was but he didn’t know he was in Jesus. However Jesus was moved with compassion because the leper meant something to him. Jesus saw him as precious and couldn’t wait to show him His mercy. First, Jesus had to remove the leper’s doubt, just like he has to remove our doubt. When Jesus said I WILL, be thou clean, he cancelled the leper’s “IF”. What’s it going to take to cancel your “IF”?


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