Keep Your Lamps Burning

We have heard the story of the ten virgins.  Five were wise and brought extra oil with them just in case the groom took a while to arrive.  The five foolish ones didn’t bring any extra oil and in time their lamps burned out. No one knew the hour in which the groom would arrive but everyone was expected to be prepared, no matter how long it took.

This story is often used as an example of how we should always be prepared for Christ’s return, but I want to put a different spin on it.

The same thing happens with us. We as human beings are constantly battling something, whether it be in the earthly realm or the spiritual one.  There is usually always something going on and there are times we feel like we are going from one battle to the next. If the oil in your lamp, or your bodily/spiritual strength, only consists of you, you will burn out.  However, if the oil in your lamp consists of the Holy Spirit, the oil is continual.  It never runs out.  The battle isn’t yours to fight anyway, not by yourself.  You aren’t built to take it on by yourself, but God is.   The problem is we often feel like we have to prove something to God, we have to prove that we can handle it on our own to show ourselves worthy.  He already thinks we are worthy.  That is why He died for us. If we could just see ourselves the way that He sees us, our faith would increase.  If our faith increases, then our confidence increases.  With increased confidence, we are more able to step out on faith and let Him handle it.  When we step out, He meets us right where we are. 

It’s good to want to keep going, to keep burning.  Just make sure your lamp is filled with the right thing.


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