Concurrence Not Needed

I am not sure how familiar you are with the Matrix movie series, but the basic synopsis is the main city, Zion, is set to be destroyed unless a savior (Neo) rescues them. Not all believe that this savior exists or that the guy everyone thinks is the savior truly is.  However, there are those who are fully persuaded that he does exist in the embodiment of Neo and will save Zion. Below is an exchange between Commander Lock and Morpheus, two of the main characters in the series.

Lock: Morpheus! Not everyone believes as you believe!

Morpheus: My beliefs do not require them to.


So, I have some questions. Does your belief in God require someone else to believe?  Does your belief require someone else’s approval before it can be valid?

Don’t get me wrong, we should ALL share the gospel and message of Jesus and make sure people understand and get the opportunity to get to know Him.  If said person questions you or your belief, or chooses not to believe, that is not on you, but on them.  People will doubt or question you, but that shouldn’t diminish your belief in the One Who Saves. Sometimes we inadvertently let the opinions of those closest to us, who may not have a relationship with God to influence how strong our belief is.  It may be due to us trying to make the other person feel comfortable.  We want to try to fit in with the vibe of our little groups. We don’t want to seem pushy (and you don’t have to be). We don’t want to come across as “bible thumpers”.  If there was anything you were EVER going to peddle, why not let it be the Word of God? You don’t have to “sell” the Word or force it, IT speaks for itself because IT IS ALIVE. 

Let me let you in on something: God is still God whether you or anyone else believes.  You are the very evidence He exists.  You were created in His image, to do His will in the earth and to glorify Him.  His mercies are new each day with the rising of the sun.  He blesses me when I am frustrated and don’t understand how He is working. He blesses me even when I doubt.  He gave His life to save me knowing full well that there may be a possibility that I might not love Him back.  That’s commitment and true love.  If you pay attention even to the smallest of things that occur during your day, you will see Him there. We need only look.

Not everyone believes as I do, but my belief doesn’t require them to.

My faith doesn’t need anyone’s approval, concurrence or validation besides that of the One who set His love on me when He gave His life on The Cross.


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