Do You Trust Him

Do you trust Him? 

Do you really trust Him?

We all say that we love Him, who would say otherwise? Yet we have a hard time trusting Him.  With any other relationship, trust goes hand in hand with love.  So why is it so hard for us to trust God? Think about it.  We pray to Him repeatedly about a situation.  He may not have given us an answer yet, or maybe He has and we don’t like the answer.  We come before Him and lay the situation at His feet only to turn around right after praying about it, and pick it back up again to work on it ourselves.  What was the point in praying?  Some of us don’t even get to the point of laying it at His feet, we are still hanging on to it while we are praying about it and asking for a solution.  We almost take our hands off it, but decide we need to try one more thing to see if we can get a solution a little bit faster.

Have you ever considered that maybe that is why you are so frustrated?

You are trying to carry a burden that you were never meant to carry by yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, God gives us wisdom to do a lot of things and He blesses us with discernment in many situations to help us see the path forward.  However, a lot of times, the circumstance/situation itself isn’t really the issue at all.  Sometimes, God just wants to see what you will do with it, if you will obey this time and leave it at His feet. He wants to see if this will be time that you take your hands completely off it and let Him handle it.  You don’t have any control, anyways right?  You keep finding yourself here with the same issue, wondering why it still hasn’t gotten any better.  Maybe if you let go of whatever it is, it will. As humans, we tend to make mountains out of mole hills, or we have come to worry about a situation so much that it has become an idol in our hearts.  The situation has become a distraction to our obedience to God.  Everything is huge to us because we are in the middle of it.  We tend to forget that the God of the universe sent His spirit to dwell within us.  He is bigger than any circumstance.

We are like little children.  We play with our toys (circumstances), then when we feel like we are tired or don’t want to deal with it, we bring it to our Father and ask Him to hold it.  Not five minutes later we are back in His presence, taking it back again. If you couldn’t handle it before, why are you picking it back up?  Do you not trust God to hold on to it Himself, completely, without your interference?  Did you just need a small break from what was going on? Trust me you don’t have to check to see if He’s working on it.  It may not look like it from your perspective, but He’s dealing with it in terms of eternity.  His time scale is on a continuum, whereas yours is finite.  Waiting, although uncomfortable, is something you will have to learn to do. Don’t ask for an answer, if you are not willing to wait on it manifest.

God created the universe out of nothing.  Trust that He can handle you and your concerns too.


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