Distant vs. Designated


You have heard the phrase, “Know Your Circle”, we all have supporters in our circle. Some are close and some are distant.  We know that there are those in our circle that we can only count on for a few things.  We have seasonal friends and some lifelong.

You have distant supporters and designated supporters.

There is a difference between a distant supporter and a designated supporter: distant supporters tend to wander in your circle whereas designated followers are CALLED to be in your inner circle.

Distant supporters just want to know enough about you to cheer you on, but sometimes it’s superficial.  You have to leave them behind, they can’t go all the way with you.

Designated supporters can see the real you and watch you wrestle with your flesh and the divine, and not lose respect for you when you fall.

Designated supporters are hand picked.  They see, hear, and know more.

Let’s take a look at the Bible.

Can you imagine being in Jerusalem at Passover week?!?! The crowds calling for Jesus, proclaiming Him to be the Messiah.  Everyone is crying out Hosanna and making way for the king riding in on a donkey. They laid palm leaves at his feet, gave celebratory cheers, celebrating the man who in their eyes would bring down the Roman government by ushering in a new kingdom.  However, by the end of the week they were ready to crucify Him.  These are the same people who were ready to proclaim Him king just seven days prior. The crowd basically went along with the general mood of the people of those in higher office (high priest, Roman prefect), and they went with what would serve them best.  See everyone that is with you, isn’t with you.  They are the distant supporters.

On the other hand…

Jesus’ disciples were close friends and were very close to Him.  However, I would consider Peter, James and John to be designated.  All of the disciples traveled with Jesus, but only three went deep into the garden of Gethsemane.  Only three were with Him during the transfiguration. All of the disciples were called to follow Jesus, but only those three got the “behind the scenes” access. You can have close friends in life, but there are very few that you will let see you at your lowest, at your messiest. They are the ones that get to see you when you don’t have it all together but also when you are at the highest points of your accomplishments.  They don’t have to be with you all the time, but when they are, it is like they never missed a beat. They are designated.

Going back to our own lives, you need to be careful about having everyone properly in their place.  Sometimes things in your circle can get chaotic.  You may need to do a survey and make sure that you don’t have distant people in designated places.  They are not designed to handle the responsibility that a designated position requires.  Designated positions require commitment, and you are going to be hard pressed to find distant people that commit to anything other than saving themselves.

If you take a look at who you surround yourself with, you will probably be able to easily see who fits where.  Where do you fall?



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