When Jesus came to earth, He gave up many of His divine rights in order to accomplish His earthly goals.  There was one thing that he would not give up and that was his Sonship. He freely proclaimed it.  In the gospel of John, God is referenced to as Father 110 times.  There are 248 references in the New Testament.  No other New Testament book comes close.  The claiming of Sonship is something that aggravated the Jews and Christ knew it.  Yet He didn’t care.  He seemed to say, “I’ve set aside My crown, My position, My glory, and soon I’ll set aside My life for all of you.  But I tell you this:  I will not lay down my Sonship. God is my Father. Deal with it.” We need to get to a position of not laying down or sacrificing our Sonship.  We tend to get to a place where we don’t want to make other people uneasy. People may not want to hang with us because we are always proclaiming these things.  That’s fine.  Don’t stop proclaiming it.  If they want to be near you, they will have to deal with it.  Otherwise, they can stay comfortable if they like.  Sonship is not an easy thing, not everyone can do it. 

However, remember this, if you are comfortable you’re not growing, you’re not being challenged.  Don’t give up your Sonship to make it easy for everyone else.  Your relationships are important, but your relationship with Him is most important. 


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