Your Call Is Meant To Disrupt

In the beginning was the Word. The world was without form and void.  Everything quiet, everything was calm, until God opened His mouth and said “Let there be light”.  Light is always disruptive. As human beings we tend to prefer to stay I  the dark. In darkness there is no responsibility.  You can trip over anything.  You can excuse yourself, because you couldn’t see. However, once there is light, you become accountable and you can’t blame anyone else.

What have you been called to do? Why do you shy away from it? What kind of ground could you shake up if you would just step out into your call? What would happen if you just open your mouth? Your call has been to shake up the status quo. Is meant to move mountains. You were sent to help rescue those who are lost.

Just like God interrupted your life when He called you, your call Will disrupt the lives of others. Look at Peter. The peaceful, routine life of the fisherman was turned upside down by Jesus. He traveled the places he would never have gone to and met with people he would not have saying if he had not accepted the call of this life. Many people were healed and saved through there and counters with Peter.

Paul would be another great example. He had spent a good amount of time persecuting Christians. But one day on the road to Damascus he had an encounter with Jesus. He went from persecuting to proclaiming. He became one of Jesus’s greatest ambassadors. He became the bridge for the Gentiles to get grafted into the vine of Christ. Imagine the souls that would have been lost if Paul had not converted and done what he was called to do. He would have to endure various attempts on his life, being snake-bitten, being shipwrecked , and being in prison several times throughout his journey. I’m sure that’s not what he thought he signed up for when Jesus called him but the call is disruptive. Everyone will not understand or agree with the call on your life, but they don’t have to. It’s up to you to act upon it and do what you were meant to do in the kingdom of God. 

Again, what would happen if you just open your mouth? What would you accomplish? Who needs to hear what you have to say? How long will you let the rocks cry out in your stead?

Don’t be afraid to be disrupted. Don’t be afraid if things don’t go your way, they aren’t meant the follow your plan but His.

Let Him disrupt you so that you can disrupt the lives of others.


One thought on “Your Call Is Meant To Disrupt

  1. That’s good stuff and it reminds us that our plan is often not God’s plan and that it is ok. If we will admit it, the disruptive things of life are many times three most enjoyable when we reflect back on them. Going through change is hard but if we will focus on God and focus on the journey rather than the moment maybe it will be easier to trust God to disrupt our life to bring about the greater good which is His will.


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