Let God Finish It

The word declares in Philippians  1:6 that “… being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” This is a popular piece of scripture that is not being applied to our daily lives.

If we realized that things are a process, we would stop expecting things to happen overnight. We would stop making excuses for keeping back-up plans and repeating cycles. Once you know that your growth is a process, you begin to accept that it’s okay to still love them. It’s okay to still cry over the hurt. It’s okay to still want to do certain things. It’s okay to feel a certain type of way.   You have to give yourself time to grow. You receive that your emotional growth takes time but you don’t use your emotional growth as an excuse.  No one said that the work being done in you would be easy, but it is definitely necessary.

Just because you feel a certain type of way doesn’t give you the permission to act on it. The wisdom of God demands that you both acknowledge the process while growing through it. In other words- stop turning back to fill the gap. The gap is there because something about the old season was wrong. Maybe it was moving too fast and doing things out of order. Maybe you didn’t know how to balance your emotional connections with your spiritual responsibility. Maybe it was you and your need to love on the person God destined you to be before loving on someone else.  The gap is there because only He can fill it. You can’t expect things and other people to do for you what only God can do for you.

Whatever the reason for God coming in and breaking off the dead things in your life – Know that it is a work that will continue until you meet Him. Stop expecting it to stop right now. Stop covering it up. Let down the walls and let God heal you. You deserve what is coming next but you need to believe it first. You need to walk in faith even if it “feels” like you’ll never get past this. Embrace the process and let God finish it.


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