Marrying Boaz

Every girl dreams of the guy that she is going to marry. She already has it in her head well before she hits marrying age what she wants in a husband. The physical details such as body type, height, eye color and hobbies are all things taken into consideration. When we are younger we tend to either draw up who we are dating at the time (which often, we don’t marry), or a fantastical dream that no one will ever be able to live up to. I am a smart girl, I had a good idea of what I wanted. I knew how it would all turn out, right? Wrong! After two failed trips to the altar, I pretty much gave up on it. I wasn’t looking for it and had almost become quite content to just stay single especially since dating in these days and times can be quite treacherous. Then, in walks Boaz.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned valuable lessons from those relationships. I learned what I would and would not tolerate. Most importantly, I learned my worth and that it wasn’t my job to make someone else see it. It surely wasn’t my duty to accept less than that what I deserved because the person I was with wasn’t willing to step up to the plate. While I was mulling all these things over and taking mental notes of these things, in walked Boaz.

It usually happens when you aren’t looking.

The funny part is that Boaz and I were not looking for each other when we did cross paths. When we did decide to hang out it was going to be strictly friendship because we both had been screwed over and neither of us was in a hurry to go through that again. So that was the deal, we can hang out from time to time, but we were just going to be friends. Yeah, well that lasted about three weeks. God has a sense of humor.

Casually dating quickly turned exclusive although it would take almost a year for either of us to really call it what it was. Again, there was that fear. If we give it a name, it may not last or it can be easily attacked. If no one knows what is going on, then no one will know how to attack it. Through a couple of misadventures and a couple of twists, four years later we are married. Now he wouldn’t call himself a Boaz, but here is what makes him Boaz to me.

He is worthy

  • He has great character and a good reputation.
  • He has a solid relationship with God and he is continually trying to nurture it. This is an important thing for a woman to know. How can you submit to a man, who isn’t submitted to God? We are equally yoked and each of us are trying to grow in our relationship with God. We are both trying to serve Him and live out the call on our lives (even though I am still trying to figure out exactly what mine is).

He is a protector

  • I can honestly say that my husband always has my best interests at heart. He is always aware of where I am, even when I am not. If he senses danger, he is quick to guide my path elsewhere.
  • He makes me feel safe whenever he is near. Just as God is my spiritual hedge, my husband has proven to be my physical one.

He is a provider

  • If I ever need anything and ask it of him, if it is in his capability, he will provide it.
  • He is responsible and prioritizes the things that need to get done.
  • He makes me feel secure and I know that I am on solid ground with him.

He is observant

  • This is a quality that I noticed about him when we were dating. He was fully aware of things that I didn’t think he was paying attention to. The little details and small things that I mention, maybe only once, he remembers.
  • He observes not only my outer qualities, but my inner ones as well. He encourages me, even when I don’t have the willpower to encourage myself.
  • He studies me. He has figured out a lot of the little things that make me tick. He knows my likes and dislikes, but also why I like and dislike certain things. He remembers the smallest details and uses those things when he is trying to surprise me.

He is compassionate

  • When I hurt, he hurts. He tries to understand why I feel down when I do and will try to find a way to fix it. When he can’t, he will let me cry and vent and envelop me with his arms until I get it all out.
  • When I am stressed out he does everything in his power to help me unwind and create an atmosphere of peace.
  • He has no problem blessing others. He is kind and loving to the least of men.
  • He edifies his fellow believers

He is a man of integrity

  • He does the right thing even when no one is watching, even when he gets no benefit from it.
  • He heeds wise counsel. He can admit when he is wrong.
  • He has nothing to hide, all his strengths and flaws are laid bare.

Just as Boaz in the Bible redeemed Ruth, my husband redeemed me. Well he redeems me continually. When I feel like I am down to nothing and feel unworthy, he calls me by his name and uplifts me. When I feel like it might “cost” too much of his time or his energy to pour into me, he does it anyway.

But that is just what a Boaz does.


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