God’s Letter to the Third String Wife

Yeah, I know how the title looks, but hear me out first…

The title may be how this begins, but it is not how this ends.

Third string: Of a decidedly lower quality or condition

God and I have been having heated discussions lately over the past few weeks. They have mostly been over the perception of myself. I have always had issues with confidence or feeling like I was worthy. That all stems from a lot of things that happened a long time ago. It’s a long story that I will save for another day.

At any rate, I often feel like I am the third string wife for my husband. There are several reasons why. First, I am not his first wife. We are each other’s third spouse. What can I say, it doesn’t work out for everyone the first time. We both had trials to get through, some more painful than others, that brought us to this point. So because I am coming along later in his life, there are a few things that he has done in his previous marriages that I won’t experience. There are things that I can’t experience with him. He’s had the kids, dealt with them going through school and growing up, bought the house, done the family trips, and started planning for retirement. A lot of that I have already missed out on, and there isn’t much I can do about it.

There are a lot of things I want to do, that he is already beyond. He is a great companion and I am sure that he feels the same way about me, but sometimes I have a fear that I am not bringing enough to the table. With everything he’s already gone through as far as benchmark life moments, I often don’t feel like there is much I can contribute. I am a lot smarter and wiser after having gone through the things I have, I know how to pick my battles, and I am not as easily swayed emotionally as I was before. Yet, what do I have to offer?

Then God spoke to me and said:

Dear Daughter, Your opinion of who you are, is not a true reflection of who you are in Me. I can see why you feel the way you do based on your human experience, but let Me explain something to you. I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). You had a name before your parents named you and that is how I know you. Nothing I placed in you is “third string”. I uniquely created you. I took my time creating you, I didn’t find random material laying around and throw it together to see if it would work when creating you, you weren’t just thrown together. Every part of you and everything in you, was put there on purpose; and where there is purpose, there is power.

Let’s talk about your husband. He loves you, more than you realize (you’ll get there). Trust Me when I say, that there is nothing that says “third string” to him. He took his time dating you, getting to know you, even though a serious thing wasn’t a part of his plan at that time. Of course that was understandable based on what he had been through, however, it was a part of MY plan. How do you explain two people who really didn’t see much of each other at work, even though they are at the same place, suddenly finding themselves running into each other repeatedly? It wasn’t chance or coincidence, it was Me. There are some things that you have that he needs and vice versa. The two of you draw on each other.

Now you may be third, but you are not in last place or inferior. Look at the number 3. It is a number of completeness. There were three righteous patriarchs before the flood, Abel, Enoch, and Noah. There were three after, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There are 27 books in the new testament, 3x3x3… completeness to the third power.

My Word is divided into three parts: The Law, The Prophets, and The Gospels.

Time is divided into the past, present, and future.

My ministry only lasted for three years. I was crucified at the third hour, but I rose on the third day.

String: a cord, usually to bind, fasten, or tie. The gut, wire, or nylon cord of a musical instrument.

There are three cords or strings to a marriage: God, husband and wife.

You’ve come along in the third quarter of your husband’s life but you are no third string wife.

Some of My “Third Stringers”:

David: the youngest of Jesse’s sons, kind of a nuisance to his brothers. Later in life he became king of Israel and was one of the greatest kings. A scepter would come out of his blood line that would come to save His people.

Joseph: He was favored by his father and despised by his brothers. He was sold off and thought to be dead, only to become second to Pharaoh in Egypt.

Moses: He was banished from Egypt after murdering a taskmaster and spent 40 years as an outcast. Yet he was used to set Israel free and lead them to the land promised to Abraham.

“Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” Job 8:7

A lot can happen in the third and fourth quarters of life. You can choose to get your second wind or you can falter and give up. I have not given you the spirit of defeat or inferiority.

I know what I placed in you and I know that you can push through anything with the fire you have within you.

This is just the beginning.


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