Father Characteristics

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and that includes fathers. Fathers are central to a child’s well being. If a father is supportive, affectionate and involved that contributes greatly to social development, academic achievement, good self esteem and a strong core. A child’s relationship will affect all others. I figure out what is or isn’t acceptable from this relationship. Boys will try to model themselves after their father and girls will look for similar qualities and men as they grow up that are like their father’s.

Here are a few characteristics that are found in a good father.

Protector – everything under his auspices is assigned to him. He ought to be concerned for your well being and safety. A father is protective and it may get on your nerves but he wouldn’t be a good father if he wasn’t. He should be able to tell God that everything he was given, he kept well. He will protect against the enemy, stress, and trouble. He provides covering. Some things that he is protecting you from, you may never know about. Firstly, because he wants to protect you from it. Secondly, because as the covering he gets hit with it first and will do his best to divert it away from you. He will protect you from the blunt force of the wind. He is recognized for the fullness of his worth upon his departure.

Provider – A father provides, and not just money. But wisdom, friendship, camaraderie, knowledge, and insight. He has a giving spirit. He adds to your life. Your life is fuller and richer because he is in it. He is sensitive to your needs. It’s in his DNA. He is made in God’s own image and one of God’s names is Jehovah Jireh.

Promoter – A father promotes someone other than themselves. It’s about using his gifts to help others. God promoted His own Son, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear Him”. A father knows the enemy is not fighting him over him; he is fighting a father over his family. He’s fighting him over what he has covered. Keep standing in the gap for those around you. Build up your staying power and uplift those around you.

Priest – A father is a priest over his home. God is the father over Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, once they became men. As a man you need a prayer life. You have to have a relationship with God. That is the only thing that will keep you standing. Pray without ceasing, because you will have problems coming to you without ceasing. Between work, wife, kids, and other things you will be bombarded, learn to turn it over to God. The only thing standing between you and God is lack of communication – prayer. You have to able to call on God and know that He will bring an answer. Your family should be more important to you than what you do.

Prophet – He prophesies to his children. He tells them what they can be, what they can become. He speaks to their destiny, not to their predicament. “You are better than this”. “You can go further than this”. “This is not the end of you”. Command your children to be blessed. Call them to their destiny.


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